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Eli Sabat

1995 - opened his first hair salon in Tel Aviv, Israel.

2005 - moved to the U.S and started working at the MGM Grand as a hairstylist.

2008 - Worked as a hairstylist at Wynn Las Vegas.

2009 - Opened his own hair salon in Las Vegas, NV.

Use of a variety of haircare and skincare products. Use of sanitized hair tools at all times.

Suggest and recommend specific treatments for the customer. Follow customer instructions while designing their hair. Informative to my clients on how to care for their hair and skin.


Strong experience as a professional hairstylist. Responsible in maintaining salon area neat and clean. Excellent record keeping of customer preferences. Expert knowledge of hair dye colors and what natural hair colors they are compatible to Acquire new hairstyle techniques with the changing style trends.